Short stay in Santorini, Greece

Earlier this year my boyfriend and I celebrated our 5 year anniversary by going to Santorini for a few nights. We’d seen the pictures but they were nothing compared to the real life thing. Santorini has to be one of the most romantic holiday destinations in the world. Because everything is up high, you are constantly surrounded by the most stunning panoramic views of volcanic islands and dark blue ocean.

Luxury villa in Pygros

As it was for our anniversary, we wanted to stay somewhere extra special, and the Prince Albus Suite was just perfect, with it’s own private pool, sun terrace, sea views and homemade breakfast delivered to our door every morning. Pygros is a beautiful little village in the middle of the island, offering peace and quiet away from the tourist hotspots, but close enough to still be within a 10 min drive to the nearest town of Fira.





Sunset dinner at Remvi, Fira

Sunsets in Santorini are world famous. As the sun starts to go down you’ll see everyone out on their balconies and sitting along the walls ready to admire the view, but better still is to enjoy the sunset while you eat. We had heard great things about Remvi Restaurant and booked a table at prime sunset time (around 8pm). It was a truly magical evening and something I’ll never forget.



The Red Beach

I’m not sure ‘beach’ is quite the right word, but the Red Beach is well worth a visit in my opinion. It really is red in colour as the rocks are actually solidified lava. Getting down to the beach is not the easiest as there’s only one way in and out, which is a rocky cliff-top trail alongside a vertical drop into the ocean…but don’t let this put you off!


It really is very pretty and like nothing I’ve seen before, but it’s not exactly a beach you want to spend hours sunbathing on. Along the road to the beach entrance was a couple of restaurants. We hadn’t heard of them before but we gave The Dolphins, Fish Tavern a go and were pleasantly surprised. We got a table at the end of the pier so were literally surrounded by lapping waves, which was pretty cool and the seafood was great.


Hike from Fira to Oia

There’s many ways to get from Fira to the other main town in Santorini called Oia, and one way to do it is hike. I was fully geared up to complete the full 3 hour walk but by the time we’d done 45 minutes in the heat, I’d had enough. The views were spectacular though and there’s plenty of shops, ice cream bars and restaurants along the way to take a break in. Even if you only walk a little bit of it like we did, it’s definitely worth it for the views alone.



Santorini’s most famous restaurant

Ask anyone in Santorini and they’ll say the Ambrosia is the best restaurant on the island. We decided to book a table for our last night, and were not disappointed. There’s something really special about enjoying great food with an incredible view, and the Ambrosia offers both. It’s often been the setting of wedding proposals it’s that dreamy. The Ambrosia offers modern Mediterranean food in an intimate and traditional setting, with vaulted ceilings and small cosy terraces amongst the many steps of Oia. A candlelit dinner here was the perfect way to end our incredible trip.


Santorini is the perfect holiday destination for couples – I’ve never experienced anywhere else quite like it. It can be expensive though, so I’d suggest checking out Airbnb, staying inland a little and going out of season, like we did. For more useful information about Santorini, check out ‘Santorini Plus‘. I’d be happy to answer any questions about Santorini if you’re planning to visit!

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