My 12 travel must-haves

I obviously don’t mean my actual must-haves (passport, money etc…), as I realise I wouldn’t get very far without these. But here are my personal favourite, 12 travel must-haves – the things I always pack in my suitcase and rely on every summer holiday.

1. Denim shorts

My 12 travel must-haves by Luxe Beach Baby

I will always invest in a good pair of denim shorts, because I can literally wear them with anything and create so many nice summer outfits – bodysuits, crop tops, off the shoulder tops, bikini tops even, and go from day to night with some heeled sandals.

2. Floral dress

My 12 travel must-haves by Luxe Beach Baby

I normally take plenty of tops and shorts, but I really benefit from having at least one pretty floral dress to wear out to dinner or in the day with sandals, if I feel like making a bit more of an effort. I like knowing I’ve got one nice dress I can pull out whenever I need to.

3. Black bikini

My 12 travel must-haves by Luxe Beach Baby

I’m a bit obsessed with bikinis and own far more than I actually wear, but I always make sure I’ve got a trusty plain black bikini with me too. Patterns and bold colours are great, but you just can’t go wrong with a simple black bikini in my opinion.

4. Denim jacket

My 12 travel must-haves by Luxe Beach Baby

When you’re going on holiday to a hot country, like me you probably focus on packing all your new summer outfits, and leave any form of warmer clothing back home. But when the sun goes down, I’m always grateful for bringing my denim jacket with me.

5. Beach bag

My 12 travel must-haves by Luxe Beach Baby

Since going to Hvar and having to juggle my towel, book, snorkel, earphones etc. every time we went to the beach, I’ve made sure I always bring a beach bag with me. I’ve found though they are extremely over-priced on the beach, so it’s definitely worth packing one beforehand.

6. Beach shoes

My 12 travel must-haves by Luxe Beach Baby

I’m a little bit crazy about this one, I will never go in the sea without beach shoes on just because you never know what you could stand on. Also they mean you don’t have to burn your feet on the scorching sand or run between patches of shade…even if they aren’t the most stylish of things.

7. Hand sanitiser

I am a clean freak, but even more so on holiday. Airports, door handles, public transport, the list goes on…theres just so many germs! That is why I always make sure I bring some hand sanitiser or anti bacterial wipes with me, especially to use on travel days.

8. Gradual tanner

My 12 travel must-haves by Luxe Beach Baby

Before I go on holiday I will always use a lasting fake tan or get a spray tan, but whilst I’m on holiday, I like to help my tan along by topping up with gradual tanner every other day. My favourite is the St Tropez Gradual Tanner (£14.50). Read more about my travel-friendly beauty routines.

9. Argan hair oil

Short stay in Santorini, Greece by Luxe Beach Baby

My hair dries out a lot on holiday, so I like to use Argan Oil to hydrate and help fight frizz caused by the humidity. It’s really good to just smooth into the hair after blow drying when you don’t want to spend ages styling it.

10. Satin dressing gown

I hate the hard towelling dressing gowns they give you in hotels on holiday, I find they stick to the skin and are always massive on me. So I like to bring my satin dressing gown instead – the silky material is cooling and ideal if you’re applying moisturiser or sun cream.

11. Cooling spray

Once I discovered the Avene Thermal Water Spray in Bordeaux a few years ago, I’ve always made sure I remember to buy this product. It’s basically a mist of cooling water which is so nice and refreshing on a really hot day, and they do it in a mini version too which is perfect for taking in your carry on.

12. Disposable camera

My 12 travel must-haves by Luxe Beach Baby

One of my favourite things to do on holiday is take photos using a disposable camera (usually picked up from the airport on the way). I only use the camera at really good moments during the holiday, so when I get the photos developed afterwards, it’s a nice little surprise to relive all the best bits.

For more information, take a look at my post on travel-friendly beauty for all budgets. I’d love to hear from you – leave a comment or send me a message.

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