Top 5 National Parks in Croatia

As well as beautiful islands and tropical-esque beaches, Croatia is home to a number of magnificent National Parks – they have to be seen to be believed! If you plan on visiting Croatia this summer, make sure you add at least one of these National Parks to your list.

1. Plitvice lakes & walkways

Top 5 National Parks in Croatia by Luxe Beach Baby

Deep in the forest of Lika sits Plitvice National Park – 16 hidden lakes at varying heights flowing into one another and forming stunning waterfalls of different colours. Some of the best views can be seen from a distance and there are several trails you can take, the longest being approx. 6 hours! The recommended routes to see the park’s highlights are trail ‘C’ and ‘H’, both around 4 hours long. For more information and advice on getting to Plitvice, please see the official website.

2. Krka waterfalls & nature park

Top 5 National Parks in Croatia by Luxe Beach Baby

Krka National Park is a vast and largely unaltered area of exceptional natural beauty and value. At the heart lies the famous waterfalls where you can take a dip in its emerald waters and admire the striking views. The waterfalls can be reached via a beautiful 45 minute trail past fish-filled pools and jungle-like forest, or alternatively you can use the ‘Skradin’ entrance and enjoy a 20 minute boat ride. For more information on exploring Krka, please take a look at the official website.

I recently visited Krka National Park while staying in Split last summer, read more.

3. Mljet forest, mountain & island park

Top 5 National Parks in Croatia by Luxe Beach Baby

Mljet is located in the Dubrovnik archipelago and comprises of pristine forest, saltwater lakes, dramatic cliffs, coves and tiny islands. This breathtaking National Park is a must-visit whether you’re after total relaxation and panoramic views, or adventure and water-sports in a truly unique and naturally-beautiful setting. And in the centre of one of the lakes, you’ll find a charming restaurant that was once a Benedictine monastery. For more information about visiting Mljet National Park, please see the official website.

4. Kornati uninhabited islands

Top 5 National Parks in Croatia by Luxe Beach Baby

In Northern Dalmatia you’ll find an incredible collection of almost 150 uninhabited and totally unspoilt islands, which make up Kornati National Park. Experience the extraordinary shapes and colours of these rocky islands and just drop anchor wherever you please – this paradise is a haven for sailing and snorkelling. Kornati is a magical place to explore and go for a swim, and for more information on boats trips and recommended routes, please visit the official website.

Another beautiful island to see in Croatia is Hvar Island, read more about my visit.

5. Brijuni islands (dinosaur footprints!)

Top 5 National Parks in Croatia by Luxe Beach Baby

A group of 14 stunning islands make up Brijuni National Park – the largest being Veliki Brijuni which is home to over 200 genuine dinosaur footprints! Here you’ll also find many Roman ruins and a safari park filled with exotic animals that were given to the former Yugoslav leader by celebrities and important politicians. The islands make for an exciting and memorable adventure. For more information on Brijuni National Park, including what trails and tours are available, please see the official website.

Love Croatia as much as I do? Check out my other posts on this beautiful and unique country. If you’ve got a question or any suggestions for exploring Croatia further, please leave a comment or send me a message.

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