Review of KU DE TA beach club in Seminyak, Bali

KU DE TA is a beach club, restaurant and bar that has been established in Seminyak for years, claiming to be “the original sunset destination”. When my boyfriend and I visited the beautiful island of Bali this summer, Seminyak was our first stop on the list, and KU DE TA was the first beach club we decided to check out.

First impressions of KU DE TA

On arrival, we were met by friendly security staff at their quirky entrance, then we wondered in freely. There were no snooty clipboard ladies waiting to tell us how much everything costs, and we were immediately impressed with the tastefully-modern and luxurious decor everywhere we looked.

Entrance of KU DE TA beach club in Seminyak, Bali
KU DE TA beach club decor

Outside, the seating is arranged really well. By the pool there are wooden-based sunbeds which have a minimum spend of 1,000,000 IDR (approx. £50), which I don’t think is too bad if you’re eating and drinking all day there. Behind the sunbeds is the lawn area with a mixture of beanbags and 2 large loungers. This area is completely free with no minimum spend.

KU DE TA beach club
KU DE TA beach club free seating area

We managed to grab one of the free loungers which we were happy with as we didn’t plan on having more than a couple of drinks.

KU DE TA beach club sunloungers

There was a great feeling about the place. Everyone was just genuinely having a good time. We felt instantly at ease as we laid back in the sunshine, ordered a cocktail and listened to the chilled-out music playing in the background.

KU DE TA beach club in Seminyak, Bali

Pool and beach facilities at KU DE TA

The pool itself is quite small, but has a lovely view onto the beach and plenty of ledges to sit on and just enjoy the ambience.

KU DE TA beach club pool area

It’s not a great pool for actually swimming, but perfect for cooling off from the heat and having a chat.

The only negative I can think of is because it’s quite a small pool, it does get busy, and because KU DE TA is family friendly (which I think adds to the laid back vibe), you can find yourself next to a splashing child at some point.

As well as this, even though the view onto the beach is great from the pool, you will find traders trying to catch your eye and sell you their wears which can get quite annoying when you want to relax.

KU DE TA beach club pool area

The beach is clean, with golden sand and lined with red-umbrellaed sunbeds. I wouldn’t say it’s the best beach in Bali, but it’s perfectly adequate and makes a nice change from the pool every now and then.

Food and drink at KU DE TA

There are plenty of different eating and drinking spots at KE DE TA to suit whatever you’re after, from the sophisticated cocktail bar ‘Tree Bar’ to the amazing poolside snacks and elegant dining in the main restaurant.

Review of KU DE TA beach club in Seminyak, Bali
Image source: KU DE TA

The main restaurant is run by Chef Davenport and features an understated-luxe and minimalist decor with lots of clean lines.

Cocktails at KU DE TA beach club in Seminyak, Bali
Image source: Zomato

KU DE TA is great for lazy brunches in the sunshine, light lunches, beautiful tapas and intimate, candlelit dinners for two alike. It’s also home to ‘Mejekawi‘ (meaning sacred table), an exquisite and modern restaurant offering locally-influenced haute cuisine.

For brunch, expect instagramable breakfast bowls, delights like ricotta and strawberry hotcakes and perfect-every-time eggs. If you’re chilling by the pool and get peckish, you can choose from an array of freshly-made pizzas, stunning sushi or their light-bite grazing menu. And from their lunch/dinner a la carte menu, expect an upscale ‘French bistro-esque’ selection.

Candlelit dinner at KU DE TA beach club in Seminyak, Bali
Image source: The Style Junkies

Nightlife at KU DE TA

As day turns to night at KU DE TA, the atmosphere completely changes from laid-back to loud and lively with massive themed parties taking place all year round.

Nightlife at KU DE TA beach club in Seminyak, Bali
Image source: Bali Magazine

Sadly we never got to experience one of their internationally-renowned nights for ourselves, but the pictures look incredible and I’m sure the music is just as good at night, thanks to their own in-house DJ team.

Overall, I would give KU DE TA a strong 4/5 for it’s relaxed, welcoming and non-pretentious atmosphere, awesome food and drink, beautiful setting and ideal location. Got a question about my recent visit to KU DE TA? Drop me a message or leave a comment below.

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