Review of Mrs Sippy beach club in Seminyak, Bali

Mrs Sippy beach club is essentially one big pool party, featuring the island’s largest salt water pool, chilled vibes and Mediterranean inspired design. Mrs Sippy beach club is the perfect place for a relaxing afternoon filled with great cocktails, poolside snacks and house music.

First impressions of Mrs Sippy

Entrance fee is 100,000 IR each and the minimum spend for daybeds ranges from 600,000-1,000,000 IR. I feel this is quite expensive considering there’s no access to the beach, but the beds do offer a shaded base if you were meeting friends or spending the day there.

Dotted around the pool area there are some deckchairs and beanbags that are free to use, and we were quite lucky to get a nice spot right by the shallow end of the pool.

The sun was shining and the music was playing, and straight away the atmosphere felt fun and relaxed.

Pool facilities at Mrs Sippy

The pool is really the main event here, whether it’s chatting over drinks and dangling your legs in, drifting around on one of their waterproof beanbags, or jumping off their triple-tier dive tower to a cheering audience.

We spent a good few hours around this pool soaking up the sunshine before cooling off in the crystal-clear water.

Food and drink at Mrs Sippy

We tried several beautiful cocktails while we sat back and enjoyed the buzzing atmosphere and chilled-out house music. They have a really great drinks menu, but we didn’t stay for food, partly because we couldn’t find any free tables.

The food menu is pretty basic with pizzas, nachos and burgers, but all the dishes we walked past looked delicious. I’d recommend booking a table if you plan to stay for lunch or dinner.

Nightlife at Mrs Sippy

Mrs Sippy holds regular adult-only, evening events with well-known DJs and party promos (Pete Tong played on New Year’s Day 2019!), but most events end around 10pm. Take a look at their website for more information about what’s on.

Overall, Mrs Sippy beach club was one of my highlights of staying in Seminyak. Saying that, I’d have to score this venue a 3.5/5 simply because it is quite expensive, there’s no beach-access and the food isn’t anything special. But if you’re in the area, I would strongly recommend visiting Mrs Sippy for a chilled-out afternoon, amazing pool and all-round good vibes.

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